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Partner Yoga & Playful Presence

With Destiny Waggner (RYT-500) & Lauren Hidalgo (RYT-200) at the Plano Athletic Club!

Sunday, February 11th

1:00-3:00 PM

In this workshop, participants are guided through a series of yoga poses that require mutual support, communication, and synchronization, fostering a sense of harmony and understanding. The experience is not only about physical flexibility and strength but also about building emotional bonds and learning to move together in rhythm. It’s suitable for couples, friends, or any two individuals looking to explore the benefits of yoga in a more collaborative and intimate setting. With each pose, partners will discover new ways to support each other, both on and off the mat, promoting a deeper sense of connection and unity.

Get Your Tickets for you & A Partner

Sold in a packages of 1 or 2 – strengthen your connection with friends, family members, or significant others! Share your practice and connect through movement, breath, touch, quality time and light hearted play.

Standard Class Pass

$47 For You

2 Person Discount

$40 Each

for You + Friend


Plano Athletic Club

4600 W Park Blvd,

Plano, TX 75093

“The class was welcoming and inspiring. I felt very safe and comfortable attempting each offering. The instructors enabled us to have fun while building some amazing poses. The instructions were thoughtful and clear. A very well thought out class. Highly recommend. This class is a huge Confidence Builder. ”

Kathryn Brittain