Partner Yoga & Playful Presence

With Nataly Uribe & Lauren Hidalgo at the Garage Mahal!

Saturday, February 4th

4:30-6:30 PM

Join us for an afternoon of flowing vinyasas, where students assist their partner in each pose of the sequence like a playful dance, and poses of static and dynamic symmetry where you and a friend, family member or significant other students utilize the strength and sensitivity of one another.

Register today and save $12 with the early bird price!

Get Your Tickets for you & A Partner

Sold in a packages of 2 to strengthen your connection with friends, family members, or significant others! Share your practive and connect through movement, breaath, touch, and light hearted play.

Standard Class Pass 

$33 Per person


The Garage Mahal

3503 St Emanuel St,

Houston, TX 77004, USA

“The class was welcoming and inspiring. I felt very safe and comfortable attempting each offering. The instructors enabled us to have fun while building some amazing poses. The instructions were thoughtful and clear. A very well thought out class. Highly recommend. This class is a huge Confidence Builder. ”

Kathryn Brittain